Delhi – A delicious exciting salad bowl

April 23, 2019



What makes Delhi so attractive and seductive? Its open minded attitude towards everything and everyone. It has witnessed several power clashes, dynasties rose up and crumbled and Delhi withstood everything and took in the goodness of everything starting from architecture, culture to my all-time favorite - food.


Historical parts of Delhi such as the majestic Red Fort or the Lotus Temple or the Humayun Tomb are all very well-known but let’s take you to some of the lesser known but highly popular places among the locals such as Bangla Sahib. This is the most famous Gurudwara – the place of worship for the sikh community in Delhi. It is peaceful and the kadha prasad they offer should be tried at least once.


If you are an avid shopper then you must visit the flea markets of Delhi – Sarojini Nagar Market and Janpath at Connaught Place and shop like there is no tomorrow just like the locals. If you are into high flying brands then you can try out the Khan Market.


Visit Akshardham Temple in the evening to see witness its full glory. If you want to try out the various cuisines on offer then, check out the dhabas and restaurants located at Connaught Place and this brings me to Food – the most attractive feature of Delhi.


If you want to party the night away then head to Hauz Khas Village and check out Haus Khaz Social. That place is literally and metaphorically lit! The place have numerous pubs and night clubs where you can drink and dance till you drop! Also, you would get to know what do Indians move their hips to!


Delhi’s cuisine is a salad bowl because it has little of everything. Wander in the cobbled streets of Old Delhi, and you will be taken back to the time when Mughals ruled city. Delicious kebabs marinated in the Indian spices and cooked slowly on the tandoors or the grills, mouth-watering biryani ( a dish where rice and marinated meat are cooked together) and chicken nihari from Karim’s,  the stuffed rotis or the paranthas served with three types of chutney, finger-licking butter chicken by which every non vegetarian delhite or as we like to call ourselves the dilliwala swears by, or the wide array of street food that will make any foodie drool and the list can go on and on. Drive in to the CR Park, then you will get to taste the mouth-watering kathi rolls all the way from Kolkata. Walk in Connaught Place, and you will get to see a glimpse of the colonial period and what can be a better way to explore your taste buds than going on a food walk or food tour.

Surbhi – founder of Delhi Cooking Classes ( offers various personalized food tours where she takes her guests through the puzzling streets of Old Delhi and other parts of Delhi to introduce to the various cuisines that exist harmoniously along with her equally foodie partner - Srishti.. Following are some of the food walks she offers.



I. The basic Delhi Food Walk

Cost – 1500/- (per person for a group of up to 10 persons

Destinations covered: Temple and Spice Market

Dishes: 8-10 dishes up for your taste buds.

For a single person, the cost would be 2500/-

Duration: 3-4 hours excluding the time taken for commuting


II. Intermediate Delhi Food Walk

Cost – 2000/- (per person for a group of up to 10 persons

Destinations covered: Temple, Spice Market, Local Shopping, Stationary Market

Dishes: 12 dishes up for your taste buds.

For a single person, the cost would be 3000/-

Duration: 4-5 hours excluding the time taken for commuting

III. The Deluxe Delhi Food Walk

Cost – 2500/- (per person for a group of up to 10 persons

Destinations covered: Temple, Spice Market, Local Shopping, Stationary Market, Sita Ram Bazar and Masterji ki haveli

Dishes: 15-17 dishes up for your taste buds.

For a single person, the cost would be 3500/-

Duration: 6-7 hours excluding the time taken for commuting


IV. Jumbo Delhi Food Walk

Cost – 3500/- (per person for a group of up to 10 persons

Destinations covered: Temple, Spice Market, Local Shopping, Stationary Market, Ghalib ki Haveli, Gurudwara

Dishes: 20-22 dishes up for your taste buds.

For a single person, the cost would be 4500/-

Duration: 8 hours excluding the time taken for commuting


So do you think your taste buds are up for this challenge? If yes, then book of these tours and get lost in the Delhi cuisine!


Surbhi loves food and cooking so she came up with this brilliant idea of opening her home to those who share her passion for food and that lead to the birth of Delhi Cooking Classes ( where she  offers cooking classes to those who want to know what goes into a north Indian dish and want to get a hands – on experience in a real Indian kitchen. Following are some of the interesting classes she offers.



I. From the lanes of India

Walk around in the fresh open vegetable market where the local vendors will give you an insight regarding the vegetables that are used in the Indian kitchens and what kind of flavours does it bring to the dinner table. Post the walk, you will have a fun-filled cooking session where you will make the rotis and curries and desserts and partake a homely meal in the real Indian settings.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Price: 2999/-


II. The Chai story

A good percent of Indians’ lives are incomplete without chai or popularly known as tea. We make it with sugar, milk, water and leaves and use our chai time to gossip, chat and break the monotony of our lives. So if you want get a sneak peek into out chai time, then sign up for The Chai story. You will be provided with a variety of snacks because our chai is incomplete with the perfect snack.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: 999/-


III. Plate from India (Lunch/Dinner)

If you want to know what is cooking in an Indian kitchen then step into one. Choose what dishes you would like to make and then indulge! The best part is you will get to know how food is prepared in Indian kitchen and how we believe that the family should have a meal together. So eat with Surbhi’s family and get to know the interesting facts about India’s various cultures and traditions.

Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours

Price: 1499/-


IV. Master Chef

Are you ready for the full-fledged Indian three-course meal? If you are, then sign up for this fun activity and prepare some of the iconic dishes of Delhi cuisine under the expert guidance of Surbhi and get ready for the ride!

Duration: 4-5 hours

Price: 1999/-


So are you ready to explore Delhi in a non-traditional and unconventional manner? IF yes, pack your bags, grab your visas and tickets and sign up for the fun filled activities offered by Surbhi and Srishti and make the most memorable memories of your life!


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