Our favorite teas for the cold season

January 28, 2019

What kind of tea is in your teacup? Are you drinking it because you are a tea lover or hoping to unleash the super power of that specific tea? Wait, do you get excited looking at all tea options in the supermarket? My answer is yes to all of these questions, especially the last one! It is a sweet tradition to have a family tea time with my children, it is the perfect solution to my “taking a break from coffee”, it is a great way to discover the secret healing powers of various plants, fruit and even trees.


Here are some of my must have teas for the cold season (and beyond, because they all are delicious). They are caffeine free as we are serving children and work perfectly served hot and chilled as an iced tea. 

Echinacea Tea


I have been putting echinacea drops in my children’s water bottles for some time as it is said to strengthen the immune system. As you guessed it, these drops don’t shield from the cold viruses so when my little bunnies have a runny nose I just prepare the echinacea tea with a little bit of honey and lemon. One of the claims is that echinacea helps to fight colds.


Ginger Tea


For a ginger lover like me ginger tea is not just a cold season beverage! I find it to be helpful if someone in my family has an upset tummy or nausea, motion sickness, it can provide relief for a mild cough as well. The usual Ginger Ale doesn’t actually contain much ginger so I don’t even reach out for that bottle. Instead I brew a nice pot from freshly grated ginger root or use an organic ginger tea. 


Peppermint Tea


FRESH! This is the first word that comes to mind when we hear peppermint tea. It is known to be the perfect remedy for an upset stomach. This tea is a perfect candidate to fill my kids’ water bottles for school - I know for a fact they will stay hydrated!


Camomile and Lavender Blend Tea


Yes you probably have tons of camomile tea bags already but have you tried this not so usual blend? It is soothing, it is relaxing, it is flavorful. This could actually be the dessert - just add a little honey and watch your children enjoy every sip. Camomile is a staple in almost every household as it is known for its numerous benefits: it provides relief from indigestion, gas, colic and colds. Lavender can calm down skin irritations, reduce anxiety, etc. As you can see they make perfect partners!


Nettle Leaf Tea


You may not recognize the name of the plant but perhaps you have had an unpleasant encounter with it while venturing outdoors - this plant stings! Growing up I heard our old neighbor talking about the benefits of the nettle leaves but it is only recently I have discovered the packaged nettle leaf tea. The holistic healers believe this tea strengthens ones immune system especially when it comes to seasonal allergies. It contains a generous amount of Vitamin C and cleanses the system of toxins.


Relaxed Mind with a blend of herbs: FOR MOMS AND DADS


This one is for us, moms and dads, because we deserve to relax. However as we know, it doesn’t have to be a cup of tea, other beverages are just fine (wink, wink)!

Our pick is Relaxed Mind from Yogi: the box says it promotes tranquility…Enough said!

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