Simple skin and health remedies from Indian kitchen

June 8, 2018

Simple Home Remedies from the Kitchen for your daily health problems!

Isn’t it so easy to pop a pill for every health problem we face such cold, fever, or pain? Have you ever thought there is a healthier option to combat with such problems and this healthier way resides right in your kitchen? Therefore, this article focuses to highlight some of the very common but very effective home remedies which can help you to solve some of your daily health problems.



This particular is a treasure house of several medial qualities and is easily found in any Indian kitchen. Do you take pills to reduce the pain during your menstrual cycle? Well, why don’t you try some ginger during your periods to help you battle with the menstruation cramps. Boil some water, put some tea and add a bit of ginger to it. The ginger tea will help your tensed muscles, reduce the inflammation in the region of uterus and improve the blood flow.

Next time, try this potion instead of the ibuprofen and experience the healing touch.


  • CRANBERRIES to keep away the urinary infections:


The cranberries contain a certain compound names proanthocyanidins which helps the bodt to keep away the urinary infection causing bacteria. This compound prevents the bacteria to attach itself to the bladder walls. But cranberries can only perform the preventive measure; they cannot cure you if you are already suffering from urinary tract infections. So if you have UTI frequently, try some cranberries to keep away the infection and bladder happy.


  • OATMEAL to the rescue!


Do you experience itchy and inflamed skin during summers? Then oatmeal if your knight in shining armour because it is power packed with phytochemicals will helps your skin to fight off the rashes. Grind one-third cup of oatmeal and mix water into it and apply on the affected areas and see the magical results for yourself. If you want, you add the same into your bath tub and soak in it for a good 20-25 minutes and wash off.


  • CUCUMBER for the puffed eyes:


Cucumbers are mostly found during the summer season and are great natural coolant for the body and therefore it is an amazing antidote for the puffy eyes. Since it is composed mostly of water, it brings down the temperature and restricts the blood vessels which in turn results in the reduction of inflammation and that’s why, they are a better option when compared with the ice packs. Also, the cucumber slices cover the entire contour of the eye better than a ice pack. Leave them on for approximately ten minutes and get bright and fresh eyes!


  • TURMERIC---One of the most useful powders


Apart from giving a distinct flavour to the Indian curries, it has a lot of properties. If mixed with milk, it can help you to combat with weakness and also, it helps to cure colds and fever. Also, its medical properties from ancient times have been used to heal the wounds. So next time, if there is a scrape, apply a paste of haldi and water instead of an ointment.


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