Why Indian cow is Holy ?

October 30, 2017



Holy cow is a term used by people in America (mostly) to express their emotion of surprise but in India things are pretty different . 

When we say our cow is holy , we mean sacred. We give the place of mother to our cows in Hindu religion . Their are different reasons of giving cow this status of mother and goddess . Millions of Hindus even worship cows , therefore the cow is considered a sacred animal as it provides us life sustaining milk which is crucial for infants in their early months . However their are many other reasons for being our cow holy!


Cow milk due to having great calming effect improves meditation , due to which it has also termed as sattvik food , this is also considered as highest form of food .


Ghee(clarified butter) is a milk product used for yajna (fire worship).

This depicts religious importance of cow's products in Hindus.


Their is a reason listed in Hindu's religious book Rig-Veda that the cow is spoken of as aghnya .  Aghnya means 'one who does not deserve to be killed' since the Vedas are the final authorities in the matter of religion , it is concluded Ancient Hindus or Aryans could not have Killed Cows.


Their is also a popular belief or myth in Hindu mythology that all God/goddess resides in the body of Divine cow Kamdhenu which is also known as Surbhi . In ancient texts it is described that this Divine cow has emerged from the ocean of milk at the time of samundra man-than .It is also been referred  as the cow of wishes or desires , and it is said that the ones who will have a statute of this divine cow at its home and worship it will never lack money and fortune . Some people also believes after the immersion of kamdhenu cow , cow worship has become essential in Hindu Dharma and this is also one of the significant reason behind cow worship in India . Their are many people in rural India who works for cow welfare.



According to Vedic culture their are seven kinds of mother a person has :

at-ma matey guroh patni

Brahmani rajah patnika

dhenur dhatri tat-ha prithvi


1)At ma matey- Real mother (One who gives birth)

2)Guroh patni -wife of a teacher or spiritual master 

3)Brahmani -wife of Brahma (creator of universe)

4) Raja patnika -wife of King 

5)Dhenur - Kamdhenu cow 

6)Dhatri -Nurse 

7)Prithvi - Earth

So In India we believe we have seven mother , and out of these seven mothers cow also holds a place .



Agni(fire) is a sacred element in our Hindu Dharma . every important Function of life is related to Agni . yajnas have significance in every Hindu ritual like , when a child is born , person is getting married , when we buy a new house , new car and even when we get married , yajnas are performed . Yajna literally  means sacrifice ,worship and offering .it is a Vedic tradition described in yajurveda .There were usually one, or three, fires lit in the center of the offering ground. Oblations are offered into the fire. Among the ingredients offered as oblations in the yajna are ghee, milk, grains, cakes and soma.

and that ghee should be only made my cow's milk .

no other form of ghee is considered pure in Hindu religion .




Holy Cow again Offers its bounty by providing the ingredients in panchamrit that is generally distributed after worship to gods or Hindu sacred ceremonies . Panchamrit is made up of 5 elements Milk, yogurt , honey , ghee and sugar and is also called as " Nectar of the Gods"

By drinking/consuming this miraculous prasad one is infused with the divine energy created during the yajna or the worship of lord and is also considered to be spiritually healed .


There are several practical reasons for giving cow High  importance in India.


In Vedic period ,people were primarily pastoral , they relied on cow for dung and milk , cow was the main fuel in rural India . cow dung served as fertilizers , cow dung and cow urine was used as disinfectant among ancient people to deep clean their houses .



one can see cows quietly roaming on Indian streets , roads and villages . Hindus have always appreciated the tolerance , patience and calmness of this big non threatening animal.


Cow dung has its own importance and many uses in different parts of India .It is combustible , first of all cow dung is dried because it is burned easily  .

India has a large number of agriculture  based population and their are many villages where people use cow dung as a method of combustion .their are many reasons and benefits of its usage 

1) cheaper then most fuels

2)it is efficient and easily available 

3)Alleviates local pressure on wood resources

4)safer disposal of animal Dung

5)it is environmental friendly 

6)sustainable and renewable energy source



cow dung is also used in Certain Festivals Like Holi to bring Good Luck .People in villages burn cow dung for smoke due to which is works as an mosquito repellent . people can be seen polishing their homes by mixing cow dung with water in dessert area to prevent sand and flies enter their houses.




Cow dung is of great importance to Hindus and many people in rural India , hence it is also a business for many families who have cows .


Cow urine is also considered medicinal in Ayurveda. it is claimed to be a treatment of all diseases. their are many people in India who drinks it empty stomach . 


I have mentioned the reasons for declaring cow as a sacred animal in Hindu religion , but today you can see many of them are abandoned on the roads , eating plastic and garbage . Some of them are even malnourished and dying . Although our government is running the campaign of beef ban in India what are your views on this topic ?

Please pour in your views , your comments are Valuable.













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Why Indian cow is Holy ?

October 30, 2017

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