While there are people who eat to live, there are a few others live to eat worldwide. To provide a feast to your senses, we have arranged this authentic Indian Home and Kitchen Experience. Indian Cuisine is beyond just culinary and cultural heritage. But the experiences would be to your ultimate enjoyment.


A talk over a cup of tea and tit bit or scrumptious Indian Snacks is perhaps the most common thing in India. This would require an approximate time of an hour and a half, with a price of 999 INR.
Estimate time: 1.5 hours , PRICE-INR 999/-


Choose three main course dishes along with bread and cook it up all by yourself. To know what magic your love for
food combined with unique blend of the rest of the ingredients adds to the taste. After About three and half an hour more you could enjoy it with our family at 1299INR so join today
Delhi cooking Classes.
Estimate time: 3 to 3.5 hours , PRICE - INR 1299/-


It all begins making some scrumptious snacks and consuming them. Once your appetite is tamed we would proceed to making some more delicious and finger liking dishes. The unique blend of varying proportions of ingredients and love combined with Indian cooking techniques is what makes a dish tastier after the starters and the main course, desserts are unavoidable. An average time of four and a half hours along with an amount of 1499 INR would make it all.
Estimate time :4.5 hours , PRICE-INR 1499/-


The Indian subcontinent, especially the southern part is associated with spices. And Indian spices are known from their robust colors and flavors, that would help refresh your soul. And the vegetable market would help you to have a better understanding and knowledge of Indian food cooking classes in Delhi. And what makes every dish unique and different form other cooking classes in Delhi. An estimated time of five to six hours along with an amount of 2499 is required.
Estimate time :5 to 6 hours, PRICE-INR 2499/- 


You could let us know if you have longing for any favorite ingredient or any particular dish from the Indian cuisine. In
such a case we could make prior arrangements and customization for you.

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