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Hi, my name is Surbhi Agarwal; I have been raised in a middle class family, in the national capital of India. My cooking journey started when I was very young, I was fascinated by the ways my mother and grandmother used to cook.

The teaching of my Grandmother and mother still lie deep in my heart. Cooking food is not just a hobby for me; it is much more than that.

Just like in any other country where the presentation is preferred as good as the food,

same goes for India, but our presentation is said be of another level, because according to us, if the food is appealing,

just by looking at the dish, the person sitting in front will start feeling hungry.
According to us Indians food is not just seen as eatables, it is more than that. We believe if food is prepared with good heart and good intent not only does it taste good but it also has health benefits in the long run.

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